Vieskan Element achieves record-high order and quotation backlog with positive results

We can be extremely satisfied that we have achieved profitability and are making a positive result for the second consecutive year, even as the construction industry faces significant challenges and general confidence in the economy has been and remains weak,” says Tapani Yrjölä, CEO of Vieskan Element.

“Despite the difficulties in the construction industry, we have been able to significantly increase our market share. The order backlog for 2024 is high, and our quotation backlog is at a record level. Production is running at full capacity in one shift, and there will be no winter break this spring.”

Returning to Roots and Development Direction Have Been Correct

“The positive result is based on the development work and strategic decisions made in recent years, which have involved returning to our roots and profiling ourselves as a manufacturer of wooden elements, focusing on our strengths. These decisions have been exactly right for this time.”

Decades of experience in hall, commercial space, and office construction have provided the capabilities to grow operations in a changing market. Vieskan Elementti offers wooden elements to professional builders and invests in every target group.

“Enhancing sales and marketing helps to find customers and simultaneously increases the visibility of Vieskan Element in the market. We want to be the first in the customer’s mind when solutions related to wooden elements are needed.”

The goal this year is to further strengthen our market position and continue developing production methods and design services.

“Offering design assistance at the early stages of a project is one reason for the increased demand and the ability to plan projects more cost-effectively and with higher quality than before. This is part of the benefits brought by automation and digitalization.”

Vieskan Elementti Trusts in the Growth of wooden Construction

Vieskan Elementti strongly believes that wood is the building material of the future and that there will be increased demand for wooden elements, as it is a safe, ecological, and well-researched building material for both people and the environment.

“General forecasts predict zero growth in the recovery of construction, but Vieskan Element expects a busy spring and summer, which can already be partly considered certain. Activity in the construction sector has recovered, and there is visible courage to start projects. According to Yrjölä, the backlog and need for construction are starting to clear.”

“The thanks for the positive result, the improvement in efficiency, and rising to become one of the leading manufacturers of wooden elements in the market go to our entire professional and dedicated staff.”

“We are proud of what we do, and it shows in all areas of our operations. We have found our place as a manufacturer of wooden elements, and in that role, we want to further expand our operations. All the conditions for growth are in place,” Yrjölä concludes.

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