We manufacture high-quality wooden elements for construction contractors for various hall buildings. We have built elements for commercial spaces, industrial halls, riding arenas, warehouses, machine halls, and garages across Finland for nearly 60 years. We have completed hundreds of halls and larger building complexes, including industrial areas with multiple halls and buildings for agricultural use. Our extensive experience and expertise form the foundation for innovative and versatile cooperation.

Hall elements are produced with expertise and professionalism in controlled, dry factory conditions. We operate according to ISO 9001 quality standards, and our products have valid certificates audited by Inspecta. Active product development, high quality of production and installation, and delivery reliability are our key focus areas.

Vieskan Element’s hall elements can be used to construct walls up to 8.5 meters high, allowing for versatile hall applications. Our production capabilities support the creation of large-scale projects, with three separate production lines enabling us to meet growing demand for larger projects.

Hall elements can be manufactured as either cold or warm structures. Hall buildings can be constructed to meet the highest possible energy class.

Vieskan Element’s halls are typically installed as a turnkey solution.


Machine Halls

Stables and Riding Arenas

Machinery Shelters

Solutions for Industrial Needs


Rantakulman VPK

Equipment hall
Element delivery, Roof underlayment installation

Uotilan hevospihatto

Horse paddock
Element delivery, Roof underlayment installation

Machine hall Värelä

Machine hall, hobby space
Element delivery

You can also purchase our hall elements through Hankkija.


Eastern and Northern Finland,
Pohjois-Pohjanmaa ja Kainuu

Oiva Rissanen
Sales Representative
010 768 4041

Western and Southern Finland, Pirkanmaa


Marko Vilppala
Sales Representative
010 768 3148

Leave the design to us and take advantage of our

Modular halls

For fast and economical hall construction needs, we have developed modular-sized hall elements. Standard-sized modules available from our inventory can be quickly utilized by the customer. With 2.4-meter modules, you can design a suitable hall using our application. The application helps visualize the hall’s size, as well as the placement and number of doors and windows.

Design a hall tailored to your needs with our

hall design tool

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