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Elements for residential buildings

We manufacture high-quality wooden elements for various buildings for construction contractors. Our row houses, apartment buildings, semi-detached houses, detached houses, daycare centers, and schools have been built across Finland for nearly 60 years. We have completed hundreds of buildings, residential areas, and regional development projects. Our extensive experience and expertise form the foundation for innovative and versatile collaboration.

Vieskan Elementti’s large elements allow for customized implementation, meaning we manufacture elements to match the specific plans for each project. Our large element production ensures high quality, energy efficiency, and quick delivery, minimizing on-site material processing and ensuring a 100% dry chain during element installation.

The elements are produced with expertise in controlled, dry factory conditions. We operate according to ISO 9001 quality standards, and our products have valid certificates audited by Inspecta. Active product development, high-quality production and installation, and delivery reliability are our key focus areas.

Our production for residential buildings is designed with our customers’ needs in mind.

Large elements can be integrated with hall elements, making building height no obstacle for modular construction. Our versatile production ensures service availability for all contractors, regardless of the project. Large elements can be clad in almost any material suitable for exterior facades, expanding the possibilities of wooden construction.

Our production supports the creation of extensive residential areas. With three separate production lines, we can meet growing demand for larger projects.

We stay current with developments and continuously improve our large element production. We also offer installation services for residential buildings and areas.


Rakennusliike Nikora Oy

Area development project, 9 residences
Element delivery

Valokki exhibition house

Single-family house
Element delivery, Roof covering installation

Terraced house As Oy Hillside

Terraced house
Element delivery


Leisure residence
Element delivery, roof installation

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